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Sector: Drone-industrie www.droneport.eu
Sector: Health & Care sector www.bioville.be
Corda Incubator
Sector: Technologie- en servicessector www.cordaincubator.be
C-mine Crib
Sector: Creatieve en innovatieve business c-minecrib.be
Sector: Smart energy www.incubathor.be
Sector: Circulaire economie www.greenville.be/
Sector: Land- en tuinbouw www.agropolis-kinrooi.be

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Stay tuned!
more locals

Honey, I’m home

C-mine Crib is the perfect home for any growing company. Here every resident is a local and everybody knows everybody. You have your own place, but you can always rely on the community. To put it in the words of a famous Belgian soap: nergens beter dan C-mine Crib (No place like C-mine Crib).

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